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Artificial Intelligence

Expert Systems

Extensive experience in the area of parallel forward-chaining expert systems; our engineers have designed and built systems to solve complex problems relating to DoD mission planning, distributed systems management, computer diagnostics, systems analysis, and communications.

Software Development

Spectrum of Programming Languages

Software engineers skilled and tested in all major programming languages, including advanced Java programming; this expertise includes:

-Customer-specific vertical applications

-Web-based systems - client and server

-Three-tiered database applications for clients, servers, and other enterprise system operations

Open Source

Linux Development

Expert in using Linux for Systems development and Internet hosting/data exchange that meet mission critical data standards; SNS has extensive experience in this technology and have used Linux Solutions in areas of Internet firewalls, data and file servers, computer servers, and information servers.

Systems Architecture And System Design

Performing systems analysis, our staff will:

-Examine your problem

-Formulate a tailored solution

-Create the tools - implement solution

-Turning challenges into opportunities

Complex Data Storage

Data Retrieval Systems

Developed solutions that involve exceptionally large data storage, data retrieval, and data cataloging challenges; applications typically involve terabytes and petabytes of data. Special systems have been developed in order to create and manage systems that involve implementing databases and networks of this magnitude. We have the experience moving large blocks of data across the Internet and have designed essential elements of the physical layers of the Internet. Our staff has written substantial amounts of socket code and delivered applications that utilize its core low-level technology. Combine our experience developing large databases, network design and built, we can implement systems of any size and complexity.

Information Assurance

Computer Forensics

Expertise to deliver DoD methodology to protect, monitor, analyze, detect, and respond to unauthorized activity within the DoD or other Mission related computer networks; we integrate "best of breed" solutions that fully comply with the highest security standards. Intrusion Detection, Incident Escalation, and Computer Forensics are but a few of our approaches to protecting computer platforms at the host and network level; protection from malicious intruder theft of sensitive information, corruption of operational information, the denial of computer resources, malicious software corruption, and accidental reconfiguration.

Network Architecture

SNS is experienced in the development and implementation of networks that are primarily TCP/IP based. Typically, these networks can be classified as high volume, high availability (redundancy), and high security. Our network architecture experience includes:

-Developing an Internet site that ranks in the Worldwide Web's top 10 sites for data capacity.

-Ensuring the successful upgrade of the U.S. Air Traffic Management System by contributing to the design and specifications of a networking backbone applying expertise to create a customized solution with extremely high availability.

-Providing architecture solutions that meet the regulations of the SEC for premier financial institutions.

-Contracted to research future-generation information architecture for the INS

The World Wide Web

Provide web solutions such as; complex web site development, electronic commerce, web page hosting, intranet and extranet development, CGI protocol programming and programming in Java, Perl, ICON, VRML, Visual Basic and UNIX shell scripting.

We have implemented content management systems (CMS) such as Vignette Story Server, Zope. Custom built CMS solutions. SNS can host websites developed with PHP, MySQL, plus other popular web development environments. We offer a customized hosting solution, build and host dedicated web servers including load balanced server clusters.

Web-Based 3D Applications Development

Development of 3D applications, this includes JAVA 3D and VRML for rendering 3D environments; SNS has developed complex control processing systems. Specifically:

-Embedded control systems

-Complex control logic

-Fault-tolerant & high-availability system processing

-Multiple integrated printer systems

-Integrating multiple networks to a central location

We have the demonstrated expertise in developing scalable systems, be they small or large in scale and complexity that have provided customers with significant cost savings over prior efficiency benchmarks.

Image and Graphics Manipulation: our experience with Adobe PhotoShop dates back to the original version of the product. We have used it to produce U.S. government ID cards that number in the millions.

ID Card Personaliztion

SNS is a leader in the area of fraud-resistant, tamper-proof ID cards. We helped to create some of the most complex ID card systems in the world and have implemented systems that include: full edge-to-edge color printing, magnetic strips, barcodes, 2D barcodes with alphanumeric characters, OCR text, holograms, overlays and optical cards.

Distributed Computing

Most distributed processing systems today utilize a three-tiered architecture. SNS has a demonstrated ability to implement a true distributed computing environment. Our Engineers developed distributed systems employing the following strategy:

-Identify the problem (or opportunity)

-Divide the system up logically into components

-Establish multiple processors to address the individual compenents

-Take the results from each processor and join them together again

-Repeat this process with parallel architecture, including MIMD, SIMD, Shared Memory, Hypercube, Transputer, and Vector array

Staff with over 20 Information Technology Patents Ready to Support your Program

Reputation for having some of the most talented Software Developers and System Engineers Available

Known for authoring cutting-edge Solutions for Mission Critical Data Applications

Achieved CPA's with Ratings of "Outstanding" in all Performance Categories