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Building cutting edge information technology and engineering solutions that make a lasting impact on the world and improve the way business is conducted across enterprise systems.

About SNS

Since 1992, Safety Net Solutions, Inc. (SNS), a well-established IT and engineering solutions company has created innovations that vastly improve U.S. military operations, enable the mass production of plastic ID cards for INS/ICE and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and currently saves the airline industry millions of dollars in fuel consumption. We are well known for finding and building solutions that meet or exceed expectations on time or ahead of schedule, and of course within budget.

We have added Health Informatics consulting and solutions building to our area of expertise. Here, we have extensive experience with telemedicine and electronic health records integration. With the goal of improving the overall patient experience, we can integrate all systems and stakeholders related to patient population outcomes. We can decrease wait times, eliminate resource utilization waste, reduce staff and provider stress, and increase profitability for practices around the world.

SNS has in the past and is still developing cutting-edge solutions for critical enterprise systems. Example: our National Airspace – SNS is one of the principal developers of the Enhanced Traffic Management System (ETMS) for DoT/Federal Aviation Administration.

Our management team consists of technologists and engineers who collectively hold over 20 technology patents. They have long employment histories supporting our government and our nation’s leading Defense Contractors.

Challenging IT solution development is what we do; be it Artificial Intelligence-Expert Systems, software development, legacy systems integration, open source development, complete enterprise system interoperability, all of which meet the needs for mission critical data.

SNS is a proven IT Services Provider with a successful history of past performance as both a subcontractor as well as a prime contractor. We understand the methods, procedures, regulations, reporting and documentation needs required by our Federal Government.

Customers choose SNS because of our experience and reputation as a leader in the field of software development and systems integration. Safety Net Solutions would welcome the opportunity to support your enterprise system and information security needs.

Staff with over 20 Information Technology Patents Ready to Support your Program

Reputation for having some of the most talented Software Developers and System Engineers Available

Known for authoring cutting-edge Solutions for Mission Critical Data Applications

Achieved CPA’s with Ratings of "Outstanding" in all Performance Categories